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It is located at 572 metres above sea level. Its name is of Roman origin: it derives from the name of a settler, Bassius, who lived here in the late Roman period. Casa (home) + bassiana (of Bassius) = Casabasciana.

Piazza Cavour is the heart of the activities of the village and during the summer it is the soul of the summer games of children. It is also overlook the old school, now owned by the local village association. The public oven is used by villagers during the local festivals, but there is also a bar and a grocery store.

After passing the small town of Corona, there is the ancient 13th-century church of San Michele in Matriceto. In addition to this the parish of Casabasciana also has the church of San Lorenzo in Cerqueto and San Martino in Surignano.

The square in the village is dedicated to Don Giovanni Ricci, originally from Sorbano del Vescovo but a parish priest of Casabasciana from 1952 to 1957, who died at a young age and was buried here.

Via Lastraco crosses the town and is its main artery. On this road the houses of some ancient wealthy Casabascian families overlook the town: for example Casa Finucci, Iacopucci (formerly Laurenzi) and Lignani.

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