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One of the first casino’s in Europe, it was inaugurated in 1839. It was built by Adrien Mathis and Edouard Ginnestet, two French entrepreneurs. They obtained the privatization of gambling from the Duke of Lucca Carlo Lodovico in exchange for its construction.

In 1847 the Duchy of Lucca became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Grand Duke Leopold forbade gambling. The games of the time were Pharaoh, Royal and Biribisso (the ancient roulette).In the Casino there were dance parties, literary and musical academies.

Today some of the games of the time have been rebuilt by the Vicaria Val di Lima and during their events you can try them.

Today the Casino is used for parties, conventions, exhibitions and weddings. Its frescoed walls and its chandeliers make for unique photos.

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