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Today this building houses the library, but it was built in 1840 by Carlo Lodovico di Borbone, Duke of Lucca, on the request of Henry and Elizabeth Stisted, an English couple who had settled in Bagni di Lucca and had fallen in love with the place so much that they wanted to bring many other fellow-countrymen here. They therefore needed a place of worship for the new community.

The neo-Gothic Anglican building looked more like a palace than a church as Carlo Lodovico did not want it to look like a real church so as to not clash with the Catholic one. It was designed and built by the architect Giuseppe Pardini.

Window detail.

Since 1976 it has belonged to the Comune and is home to the “Adolfo Betti” Public Library. It also contains an important collection of books donated to the town by the English Professor Jean Greenlees, who chose Bagni di Lucca as his residence.

In 1842 the Stisteds also opened the Anglican Cemetery, which is located on the other bank of the river along the Brennero Road.

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