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As you enter the town you find Piazza Santa Maria with the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta.

The church, built in 1338 (according to the inscription on the side overlooking the square), was renovated and modified over time.

The façade is double-sloped and inside it has three naves with columns and capitals adorned with acanthus leaves with symbolic figures. The roof is made of wooden trusses.

In the apse a triptych by Baldassarre of the late Biagio of Florence was commissioned by the people of Benabbio in 1469. The altarpiece depicts the Virgin with the child at the centre and on the sides two pairs of Saints (Saint Michael and Saint Peter, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Bartholomew).

In the left aisle we find the baptismal font dated to 1564 protected by an iron gate made in 1601.

In the building there are two wooden altars on the sides of the 17th-century high altar, as well as two wrought iron chandeliers. Two polychrome wooden sculptures by Piero D'Angelo, father of Jacopo della Querci, dated to1394 represent the angel and the annunciation.

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