hotel-la-pergola View of the Duomo of Barga as seen from the terrace of the La Pergola Hotel credit:

This hotel is, and has been for many years, a point of reference for those who want to stay in Barga on holiday or for business. Of particular note are the many Barghigiani, or their descendants, who live abroad and love to come back to visit their homeland.

There are many foreign and Italian tourists who stay at the hotel and enjoy the warm welcome of Martina and Massimo, the new managers, to discover the trails, parks and history of our beautiful valley. The history of La Pergola has always been linked to that of the Moscardini family...

Everything can be traced back to 1955 when the Moscardinis acquired a restaurant license for a tavern in the San Rocco area near the church. Over the years, and with a lot of hard work, the Moscardini family’s business continued to grow and improve until, in 1967, they acquired a mechanic's garage in Via del Giardino which they then transformed into the ‘La Pergola’ restaurant and hotel, inaugurated in 1969.

In the 70s La Pergola hosted several professional football teams, who chose Barga for their pre-season summer training camp. The first team was Prato in 1972, followed a year later by Gigi Riva’s Cagliari Calcio. In 1974, La Pergola was also chosen by Pisa and from 1975 to 1977 it was the turn of Genoa.

Given the growing demand and the ever-more frequent habit of football teams to choose La Pergola to host their retreats, in 1977 the Moscardini family decided to buy some land not far from the restaurant, in Via S. Antonio Abate, where they built a new, bigger, more functional hotel, with more rooms.

The new hotel was opened in 1979, and the structure has a beautiful terrace on the top floor, from which it is possible to admire a breath-taking 360-degree view.

In 1980 and again in 1981, the new La Pergola hotel hosted the retreat of one of the top Serie A teams: Fiorentina. In those years some of the most famous footballers in Italy came to Barga, such as Galli, Antognoni and Graziani, who, in the summer of 1982, became a world champion with the Italian national team.

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