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The 'Sosta dei Diavoli' is a pleasant bar and restaurant in Ponte di Catagnana. For decades the same rooms housed a bar managed by the Guidetti family; now, however, it has been completely renewed and renovated with taste and care, making use of Lorenzo’s ideas and decades of experience in the restaurant sector, both in Barga and in Versilia.

A very welcoming place that also has outdoor tables. The dishes are made using local products: salami, cheese, mushrooms, trout and many other delicacies. Here are a few extracts from the menu: mezze maniche pasta with cherry tomatoes and smoked trout, tortelli with meat sauce, and pork tenderloin dressed with hazelnut pesto.

The motto of the Sosta dei Diavoli has become 'Honey I’ll be home about half an hour late...' because of the clients receiving calls from wives and partners.

The name of this restaurant was specifically chosen to pay homage to Ponte di Catagnana: the Diavoli (lit. Devils) were one of the original families of the village. A characteristic name that was given to them because of their job: charcoal burners. They spent most of their days making and transporting charcoal. They were inevitably almost always covered in black soot and hence were called ‘Diavoli’. The logo of the restaurant depicts a completely black face echoing this interesting anecdote about Barga.

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