chiesa-san-cassiano-gromignana credit: comune di Coreglia Antelminelli

The first evidence of this church dedicated to San Cassiano dates back to 1463, with a report by Bishop Stefano Trenta who, during his visit to Coreglia, found the church crumbling and partially destroyed by wars.

The fact that in 1463 it was semi-destroyed proves that it pre-exists this date, but further evidence has not been found. The actual appearance has no architectural value. The presbyterial door, now walled, has remained intact. On the façade, above the central door, there is an oculus with a stained glass window that represents San Cassiano. The bell tower of the Gromignana church was built in 1873.

In the tomb of the main altar a small silver-plated brass case was placed containing the relics of Saints Paolino and Regolo and the relic of St. Gemma the Virgin and in the tomb of the altar of the Sacred Heart there is a small silver brass case containing the relics of the Martyrs Urbano and Concordio along with three grains of incense and a small parchment with the act of consecration.

Useful information

  • Address: Coreglia Antelminelli /Gromignana ➪ Get Directions
  • Bibliography: Valenti Radici L., Alla scoperta dei luoghi di preghiera e di culto nel comune di Coreglia Antelminelli. Storia, arte, aneddoti.