chiesa-santi-lorenzo-lazzaro credit: comune di Coreglia Antelminelli

The church of Saints Lorenzo and Lazzaro was erected in Nestrignana in 1679, by decree of Giulio Spinola Bishop of Lucca following an act of Ser Cesare Colli. The church stands where the old hospital (leprosorum de Cistrignana or domus infectorum) was located. From a supplement to the Esare Nuovo in the 1950s, we know with certainty that the church was already fully operational in 1575.

It had a porch on the façade to shelter the faithful and, because of the inadequacy of the sacred building, an external altar was erected to allow the ever-growing congregation to participate in the celebrations. The exterior façade of the parish church is in neo-Gothic style and the old Romanesque bell tower has an elegant geometry.

Remains of the ancient medieval masonry are still visible on the external wall to the right of the church. A fairly precise description of the sacred buildings of this diocese can be found in the answers given during a sacred visit in 1817.

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  • Address: Coreglia Antelminelli /Piazza della Chiesa ➪ Get Directions
  • Bibliography: Valenti Radici L., Alla scoperta dei luoghi di preghiera e di culto nel comune di Coreglia Antelminelli. Storia, arte, aneddoti.