croce-berlinghieri-tereglio The Berlinghieri Cross credit: Valenti Radici L.

Inside the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Tereglio, there is a painted panel that is certainly the most valuable object in this church. It is a triumphant Christ, represented alive on the cross. It is attributed by some scholars to one of Berlinghiero Berlinghieri’s sons, by others, more cautiously, to the Berlinghiero school.

This cross was restored using funds donated by the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation, Lions Club Garfagnana, Comune of Coreglia Antelminelli and the National Trust.

In the small side spaces you can see the Virgin and Saint John, the capture of Jesus and the kiss of Judah, while on the left there is announcement of the resurrection given by the angel to the three women. Next to the tomb, there are two guards armed with spear and shield. In the upper rectangle the inscription ”IHS nazare rex judeor” and the Eternal Father in the act of blessing beside two winged angels.

Above and below each hand of Jesus there are the symbols of the four evangelists. According to tradition it is thought that this panel came from the church of the destroyed village of Bori. A manuscript states that:

after the destruction of the castle of Arboreo above the castle of Tereglio, on the slopes of the Appenines, the tools and entrances of that church were transferred and brought together in the church of Santa Maria Assunta of Tereglio and, among other items, there was a sacred image that represented a Redeemer Crucified similar to the one that is today located in Lucca, in the church of Santa Giulia in Piazza del Suffragio and in the church of San Michele in addition to similar images.

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